Specializing in South Pacific destination, Tahiti, Fiji, New Zealand, Australia. As a Tahiti specialist, I can help you discover a tropical islands that will elevate your senses to another world.

"Ia Ora Na" (Hello),

From your Tahiti Tiare Specialist
French Polynesia

 Tahiti is abundant in water activities such as diving, snorkeling, deep sea and lagoon fishing, canoeing, kayaking, wind surfing, beach combing, surfing and sunning.

What? Your not a water baby or you avoid the sun due to skin problems? Please, don't let that dissuade you from traveling to Tahiti or anywhere else where tropical sun exists. These South Pacific Islands are rich in culture and are surrounded and embraced by Mana. Tahitians believe Mana to be their life sustaining source. There are a lot of activities to enjoy and experience if you aren't water inclined or like to avoid the sun. Land lubbers won't be disappointed with the floral that grows on the islands and the fauna that populates them.

There are several ships that cruise these Polynesian havens as well as the entire South Pacific. Nonstop Flights are available from both LAX (Air Tahiti Nui and Air France) and SFO (United and French Bee).  There are adis a great Tahiti

Having visited Tahiti several times, I find the allure of these tropical islands mystical and enchanting. Please feel free to contact me if you would like to know more about Tahiti or visit Tahiti Tourism for in depth detailed information.

Tahitian Words and Definitions

A group of islands located close together

The atoll originally started as a volcano in the deep blue ocean. A coral reef formed around the volcano which eventually became dormant and then extinct. Through millions of years, the volcano eroded and sank into the ocean. Through one or more openings in the ringed reef the sea poured in and created the lagoons you see today.  

Tahitians life sustaining source

A  permanent mark or design made on the skin by a process of pricking and ingraining an indelible pigment or by raising scars.
Polynesian tattoos tell the story of the person who bears it.   The design along with the placement of the tattoo on each body part holds special significance and meaning to each recipient.  It can reveal his ancestry as well as his purpose in life.

Cheers / Good Health

Nana means Good bye

Interesting Tahitian Facts


Some stores will accept USD but your exchange rate will differ. The Pacific franc (XPF) is the official money used in French Polynesia.


French and Polynesian are the official languages spoken in Tahiti.


The islands of Tahiti are made up of 118 different islands, atolls and motus.


Tahiti is an 8 hour nonstop flight from Los Angeles.  Direct flights are available from SFO and LAX


Women wear a Tiare (Tahiti's official flower) behind their left ear if they are married and behind the right ear if single or available.


Rangiroa has a winery and distillery tour. The island also has its own honey bees which produce excellent honey.


Hawaii receives more visitors in one month than
Tahiti get in an entire year.


Bora Bora is actually Pora Pora (first born) but the early settlers heard it wrong. There is no B in the Polynesian language.

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